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Known for it's natural antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial qualities as well as being highly effective in aromatherapy practices world over, lavender is truly one of natures miracles.

After years of growing lavender for our own pleasure and therapeutic benefits, we have been inspired to share the gift of lavender with all of you.

At "Harmony Lavender" we are engaged in the propagation, growing, harvesting and hand crafting of all things LAVENDER using 100% ORGANIC methods.

Here at our  Naturally Grown Farm on the beautiful Central Coast of California, we believe that to live a healthy, natural life begins with your connection to nature and the earth; spiritually, physically, harmoniously and so it is.

"Harmony Lavender" is here to contribute to a more harmonious natural way of living through our ORGANIC practices and products.

**Currently we are Open Daily by Appointment Only, so please call or email to set up a visit and schedule your  Farm Tour Today.**